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FarmMat for Dairy Farmers

Anti-slip & easy clean

Fairfield FarmMat is a high quality 17mm thick interlocking mat manufactured using virgin rubber. This hard-wearing hammer top finish is designed to be easy to clean while providing grip & comfort for the cows. The ribbed back and premium rubber compound work together to give grip while replicating natural conditions. It will give cows confidence to move quickly into the parlour and stand quietly reducing the risk of injuries through slips and foot bruising from excessive standing on hard concrete.  It is exceptionally hard-wearing and the softness gives the cows confidence reducing injuries and lameness which all detract from milk.  Suitable for use under hand scrapers, automatic scrapers and tractors.  The FarmMat is guaranteed against wearing out for 5 years.

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The Reason's to Use FarmMat

17mm thick 4-sided interlocking mat: 1m x 1m

100% virgin natural rubber

Easy clean hammer top finish
Increase flow through the parlour
Reduce milking times
Stop cows slipping
Improves cows comfort and reduces fidgeting

Simple self installation option

Guaranteed for 5 years

Full installation package available across the UK


FarmMat rubber mat


Overview Brochure


Installation Instructions


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Milking Parlour Matting

It is critical to provide an anti-slip, comfortable milking platform for cows to stand on during the business end of the process. Our proven high-grip surfaces give cows confidences so they are calmer when standing being milked. Rubber matting is milking parlours ensure's it’s warmer, quieter and more comfortable. This all adds up to improved animal flow, faster milking and increased milk  production. Rubber matting is non-conductive and it can help reduce any electrical problems.

Cows are more sure-footed and confident when walking on matting as they enter and exit the milking parlour. The soft rubber matting replicates the grip and give of natural pasture. This relieves stress on your cows leading to less fidgeting, less unpredictable behaviour and improved milk production. And you have a more constant cow flow at the points of entry and exit.

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