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Why Cow Matting?

Rubber reduces lameness in dairy cows

Our rubber matting is specifically designed to provide safer flooring surfaces for dairy cows and increase milk production. The benefits are well proven on dairy farms throughout the world. Rubber matting is proven to reduce lameness. British and Irish dairy farmers are reporting a reduction in the incidence of lameness of up to 70%.


Anti-slip Surface

Less risk of falls, less injuries, less fear, less stress


Less lameness, less hoof wear, less leg fatigue

Softer, warmer

More content animals

Easy to clean, non-porous

More hygienic conditions

Sound absorbing

More comfortable for you and your animals

Happier, healthier cows

Increased milk production

Cattle at Sunrise

What the experts are saying about the use of soft rubber matting for dairy cows

If only part of the pen is fitted out with rubber, the animals show a preference for the rubber flooring. Lying down and standing up on hard floors is painful, whereas rubber floors help to reduce extreme joint straining. This is expressed by 30% better carpal joint health (carpal hygroma), and in the natural lying behaviours of the animals

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich study

Cows standing on rubber is in effect the same as us wearing trainers. If farmers place the rubber matting in high risk areas such as where cows turn or on slippery surfaces it will significantly reduce lameness

Pearce Hughes, ASDA Agricultural Development Manager

In conclusion, improvements were found in behaviour when rubber-coated slatted floor surfaces were used in dairy cattle housing in transition from concrete flooring. Disorders in estrus and hygiene behaviour were associated with the flooring of the barn and were relatively easy to investigate within the framework of farm welfare assessments

Platz S, Ahrens F, Bendel J, Meyer HH, Erhard MH. J Dairy Sci. 2008 Mar; 91(3):999-1004.

In conclusion, cows prefer to stand on softer flooring in front of the feed bunk, and are more willing to move on and spend more time standing in front of the feed bunk when provided softer flooring. These results indicate that cows find softer flooring surfaces more comfortable to stand on than concrete, and highlight the importance of evaluating the comfort of the entire facility

Tucker CB, Weary DM, de Passillé AM, Campbell B, Rushen J. J Dairy Sci. 2006 Jun;89(6):2065-71.

The prevalence of foot diseases in hind feet at trimming was significantly lower on the rubber slats

Hultgren J, Bergsten C. Prev Vet Med. 2001 Nov 2;52(1):75-89

Cows on the rubber-topped floors had significantly fewer sole lesions and larger claws, spent more time standing in the alleys and had higher activity. This suggests greater claw comfort on rubber flooring compared with concrete flooring

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