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ComfortBed Cow Mat

Cow Cubicle Mat

ComfortBed is the most economical bedding system.  It comprises a 25mm deep solid rubber individual mat with a unique honeycomb base that provides softness and stability.  It is suitable for both floor-mounted and suspended divider systems.

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The Reason's to Use ComfortBed

Cost effective cow comfort 

25mm of comfort & warmth

Complete rubber solution for durability

Honeycomb section for cow comfort

Easy clean & easy maintenance

Simple self installation option

Full installation package available across the UK

ComfortBed Cow Mat
Underside of ComftBed Cow Mat


Overview Brochure

Installation Instructions


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Cow Mats

Cow mats & mattresses are the ideal comfort bedding for animals being housed for long periods of time delivering immense benefits to your animals’ well-being, longevity and milk yield.

Our matting solutions encourages the cows to lie down and rest because a cow lying down pumps 50% more blood through the mammary gland than a cow that is standing. Remembering the biological principle that it requires approximately 500 units of blood flowing through the udder for every one unit of milk synthesised, it is apparent how good rest lying down can contribute to the productivity of a lactating cow.

Our bedding also provides outstanding slip resistance, and it is warmer, quieter and cleaner – rubber simply hoses clean.

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