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DairyGrip Passageway Matting Roll

FETF Eligible (FETF226A)

Machine Proof Rubber Matting

DairyGrip is superior quality rubber flooring and is the preferred choice where tractors and skid steer loaders operate.  The continuous grooving allows liquids to drain quickly towards collection facilities and therefore reducing ammonia levels, the perfect low ammonia emission flooring solution for livestock buildings. No joins along the length of the rubber roll mean no catch points to come unlocked with a scraper or tractor and with 5mm stainless steel cable inlay the rubber is guaranteed never to stretch.  The grooved top gives good traction and the mat is 22mm thick.  Using DairyGrip in passages and loafing areas will improve hoof health.

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The Reason's to Use DairyGrip

22mm thick flat backed rubber roll

Proven for extreme durability backed with a 10 year guarantee

5mm stainless steel cable inlay

Guaranteed NEVER to stretch

Grooved top for extra traction

Easier on animals and won’t damage claws like concrete

Can be used with automatic scrapers and skid-steer

Available in full rolls 1.8m x 31m or can be cut to size

Full installation package available across the UK

Low ammonia emission flooring for livestock buildings

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Overview Brochure


Installation Instructions


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Feed Barrier & Passageway Matting

Cow barns require smart design to maximise the return on investment, and rubber covering of alleyways has real benefits for stock and the farmer. Alleyway matting provides a claw-friendly and slip-resistant cover promoting more comfortable, more relaxed animals, reduced hoof wear and, ultimately, increased milk production.
Alleyway matting should be complemented with high quality bed matting, see pages 14 to 16. Quite simply, bed matting must be more comfortable than alleyway matting to encourage cows to lie on the bedding rather than in the alleyways.

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