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Rubber Matting Installation

Project management solutions

We support our farming customers by providing a full installation service across the whole of the United Kingdom. While our products are relatively simple to fit, not every farm has the resource and time to carry out such projects. This is where we partner with the farmer, working around milking times, to provide a seamless, guaranteed installation.

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Matting on Rotary Parlour Deck - Close U

Supply Only

Guaranteed Quality

Some farms have the resources to carry out the installation of matting without our assistance. We use courier networks to deliver the matting you require when you want it.

Custom Cut

Guaranteed Precision

Every farm is unique and every farmer wants the best for their farm. We provide a full customisation service, custom cutting our rubber using water jet CNC machines. This allows us to supply solutions that fit your needs.

Installation On-Farm

Guaranteed Satisfaction

With years of experience and having carried out hundreds of installations, we have the skills & expertise to carry out the installation of rubber matting while meeting the toughest demands of the farm. While covering the whole of the UK, no job is too big or small for us.

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