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Calf Brush

Calf Brush


FETF Eligible (FETF99)

Market Leading 2 Year Warranty or 10,000 hours.

The Calf Brush is specifically designed for small animals, suitable for calves and sheep.

It's extremely wide operating range can reach every part of the animal's body, ensuring a thorough clean.

  • Technical Information

    Total dimensions (Cm)

    90x30x120h cm


    Brush size (Cm)

    30 x 60 cm


    Weight (kg)

    48 kg


    Motor consumption (Kw / h)

    0,25 Kw/h


    Motor power (Cv)

    0,34 Cv


    Supply voltage (V)

    220-110 V


    Frequency (Hz)

    50-60 Hz


    Rotation speed

    28.2 giri/min


    Motor protection

    Fusible 10A


    Motor protection

    Fusible 10A

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