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Tailwell2 Tail Trimmer

Tailwell2 Tail Trimmer


Working on the principle of an outer blade rotating around an inner one,  there is no risk of injury to the animal or the operator but using this tail trimmer. It makes the arduous work involved with cutting hair on the tails of dairy cows significantly easier. 

  • Additional Information

    Twice annual removal of cow tail hair that is contaminated with faeces and urine allows for optimal hygiene of livestock, milk and milker.


    Pre-cutting the hair is not necessary even in the case of heavy soiling or crusting.


    Works quietly and creates a smooth haircut in a maximum of 4 seconds per tail


    Fits virtually all battery-powered screwdrivers operating at min. 14 Volt, 1,250 rpm - Please note that the battery screwdriver pictured is not included


    Supplied in a handy plastic case for safe storage including DVD and handbook


    The in-house developed grinding paste supplied allows for easy and simple grinding of the blades even by inexperienced users (necessary after 1000 to 2000 shears).

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