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Agricow Pendulum Brush

Agricow Pendulum Brush

SKU: 5012-6001

FETF Eligible (FETF98)

Market Leading 2 Year Warranty or 10,000 hours.

Agricow pendulum brush is particularly effective since it adapts to the animal's shape. Its extremely wide operating range can reach every part of the animal's body, ensuring a thorough clean. Smart board control board that manages the operation of the brush. It is equipped with a display to record the machine's operating hours and detect malfunctions. Reinforced arm for greater impact resistance and a long service life. The brush is fitted with bearings and reinforced kingpins to ensure the brush tilts correctly to reach every part of the animal's body. Innovative hour-glass shaped roller designed to adapt to the conformation of the animal's body and for all animal sizes.


Total dimensions: 125 x 70 x 175cm

Brush dimensions: 50 x 100cm

Weight: 93kg

Motor consumption: 0,55 Kw/h

Motor power: 0,75 Cv

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