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Double Cow Brush

Double Cow Brush


Market Leading 2 Year Warranty or 10,000 hours.

This multi-purpose model massages the cow's side and back at the same time. 

It's reinforced polypropylene bristles ensures that the cow receives a deep massage, helping eliminate stress and parasites.

  • Technical Information

    Total dimensions (Cm)

    110x50x125h cm


    Brush size (Cm)

    Up roll: 50 x 60 cm

    Down roll: 34 x 60 cm

    Weight (kg)

    150 kg


    Motor consumption (Kw / h)

    0,55 Kw/h


    Motor power (Cv)

    0,75 Cv

    Supply voltage (V)

    220-110 V


    Supply voltage (V)

    220-110 V


    Rotation speed

    50 giri/min


    Motor protection

    Fusibile 10A


    Operating temperature (° C)

    -15°C + 55°C

  • Additional Information


    control board that manages the operations of the brush. It is equipped with a display to record the machine's operating hours and detect malfunctions.



    specially designed in cast iron to ensure a long product lifespan, the reducer has a 100° angle between the two rollers, which ensures the 2 brushes fit perfectly around the animal's body for a deep and thorough cleaning.



    is a system that allows the animal to operate the brush by lifting the roller, without the need for external assistance. Equipped with a reinforced spring system, the brush rises to 20 cm, adapting to the animal's size.


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